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HOPE AGAINST HOPE is a social event as well as a platform for the prisoners of TIHAR JAIL with the idea of bringing in some hope to their dead lives and for their betterment by arranging musical Events/Concerts/Shows at all the 9 jails Central Jail, Tihar, Delhi, where we plan to provide some different entertaining acts to cheer up the prisoners to raise enthusiasm in them.

The ideology behind this banner is to raise hope within the prisoners keeping in mind their miserable and dead life inside the prison far far away from all the luxuries and joys which is enjoyed by world outside the prison.

Idea Behind Hope Against Hope

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We came up with this idea to add some colours to their lives and let them know that this isn't the end and even they can enjoy few luxuries within prison. This will remain as a social cause event on behalf of TIHAR JAIL for their prisoners. The entire concept of the event is introduced and executed by QUASAR - The Events & Celebrity Management team.

First event under the banner of Hope Against Hope was held at Central Jail No.3 Tihar Delhi on 07.04.2015 where SUFI BAND "SAAZ" - Sufi/Folk BAND and Zene Band has performed. Beside this War of Djs was held which we believe was never held in any prison worldwide. This entire event was enjoyed by more than 2000 prisoners.






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Central Jail no - 3, Tihar, New Delhi

7th April 2015, 3PM Onwards

Anchor Pooja Dev
Vipin Aneja
Saaz Band Delhi
War of DJ

DJ Happy(YO YO Honey Singh fame)